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Loathe as I am to rely on what is fast becoming a hackneyed catchphrase it did seem to fit for this particular intro as for a whole host of reasons I've been giving a lot of thought to where we (in the broader communal sense of "we") are headed?

Personally I can't help but feel that the time is ripe for another "boom" in the sport here in Oz but like anything in this life it is going to take some effort and I reckon we all have a part to play in the process.

I mean just consider how much more enjoyable your windsurfing life could be with at least one other kindred spirit along for the ride? As there's no denying the fact that we are inherently social animals by nature.

Let alone the positive impact such an injection of new blood would have on the state of the industry in this country?

Seems to me that if we play our cards right there's no reason why we as windsurfers can't generate our very own "in-house" stimulus package by creating a fresh crop of customers for kit (both new and used).

And after witnessing first-hand the veritable explosion in the number of SUP'ers around the traps over the past 12 months or so I'm convinced it's all about accessibility and developing pathways to enable the public at large to test the water (so to speak).

While there's no denying the fact it's a lot easier to organise a SUP demo than a windsurfing lesson (given the variables at play weather-wise), I can't help but feel that for far too long we've all been guilty of putting the issue of growing the sport in the too-hard-basket.

Indeed, ask yourself, honestly when was the last time you saw someone getting a windsurfing lesson? I for one am determined to introduce at least on newcomer to the wonders of windsurfing this season. How about you?

Moving right along now, among other things, Issue #9 of "Oz Windsurf" features on-the-spot reports and red-hot shots from Marrawah, Margarets, Burrum, and the 'Bin. As well as news and views from around the nation and of course all of our regular lifestyle features.

Enjoy, Kirk

Oz Windsurf E-Zine Issue #9 - Editorial